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Marvel FMCG recruitment 

Two years ago I began working with Marvel to providing comprehensive design support across various platforms and initiatives. Working in close collaboration with copywriter Helena Langdon, we form a dynamic and dedicated copy and design team for the business. Together, we ensure every project reflects Marvel's ethos and resonates with its audience. By combining our skills and perspectives, we strive to deliver visually compelling content that aligns seamlessly with Marvel's tone of voice and values.


Over the years our work has included crafting engaging social media posts, creating business documents, designing impactful website layouts, and developing branding materials for company initiatives such as the recently launched Marvel Foundation.


For our website projects, we partnered with Tim Ross, leveraging his expertise in web development to enhance user experience, functionality and accessability. This collaboration ensures that Marvel's online presence remains intuitive, visually appealing, and technically robust. You can explore the results of our collaborative efforts by visiting Marvel's website.

Below is a small selection of the work we have created to date, to view more posts visit Marvel's LinkedIn page.

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