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The Edinburgh Fringe Show Promotion Design


Amidst the bustling streets of Edinburgh each August, a myriad of posters bursts forth, each vying for the public's attention to fill seats at The Fringe Festival shows. For more than a decade, I've collaborated with comedians and promoters, crafting eye-catching designs for their festival shows and subsequent tours.

Some acts come to me with a clear vision from the outset; others no so much. It's always the looming artwork deadline for The Fringe program in April that serves as a catalyst, forcing decisions on show titles for yet-to-be-written hours of comedy and fuelling a whirlwind of diverse briefs. Despite the slightly chaotic nature of the process, I've always delivered.

Edinburgh Fringe Posters on The Meadows
John Robins

"...Perhaps the greatest challenge of all was to make sense of my garbled, hurried, indecipherable notes, comments and demands (often typed late at night, close to print deadlines and without any experience of design) and render them into what I actually want, especially when I don’t even fully know what I want.

Claire’s professionalism and ability to translate all my thoughts into the image was not only hugely impressive but made what is usually a very stressful process into a really exciting one."

Nish Kumar

"Claire was a pleasure to work with and contributed innovative design ideas. The format of a comedian’s tour poster can be restrictive by its very nature, but she managed to do something interesting, that built the requirements (tour dates and ticket info) into a an exciting and engaging poster. I was always delighted with the end product, which, given the product was a poster of my own face took some doing."

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